Rethinking of Our Human Well-Being This Summer

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Dear Friends,

I feel honored to be asked to speak at numerous educational celebration events this summer. With the last two of my children graduating from college this summer, I can feel how proud are parents across our nation whose children are doing well and succeeding their educational goals. These reactions clearly indicate that we, regardless of our differences on the skin, are special and distinctively different from all other living beings on the planet.

What does educational achievement mean to us as a person? I believe we all agree on one thing despite we have many differences. That is, education teaches us many things we don’t know and challenges us on many things we inherently perceive as the only truth. I sincerely believe that, first of all, education taught me reading. And through the love of reading, I have broadened my view of the world and commonality of humans.

Today, our world has undergone a spectrum of challenges that affect human kinds in many unimaginable ways. One of the most traumatic problems is the violence against humanity we all have witnessed. The many events of mass killing in schools, shopping malls, and entertainment centers have been beyond a conscientious person can provide explanations for.

After recent mournful and tragic events of violence, I cannot help myself not to think of the following questions: Are we really special in that we are the most intelligent beings on the planet? Are we, with our human intelligence, able to change our thoughts from the modes of retaliation, self-satisfaction, vindictive reaction, protection with weapons, and superiority demonstration to the modes of peaceful solutions and prevention of injuring and killing another human being?

I am sure we can overcome these challenges. But we have to change our selfish and destructive nature. I hope, this summer, we will rethink of our well-being as humans. I also hope we will take the time to read books and literature that promote peace and long-term well-being of our world, and encourage our children to do the same to liberate their minds from our rigid ideology. Please leave me your comment.

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